artist's series / collaborations

The first work in her collection : “It was given to me by Antonio Recalcatti, a friend, in Milan. The opposite of Yves Klein :

he painted the canvas black, put on a white shirt and pressed himself against the still wet background to make prints of his body, removing the paint. I was 20 years old.”



The first work in her collection : “It was given to me by Antonio Recalcatti, a friend, in Milan. The opposite of Yves Klein :

he painted the canvas black, put on a white shirt and pressed himself against the still wet background to make prints of his body, removing the paint. I was 20 years old.”


For agnès b., fashion is not art, art constantly pollinates fashion. Through collaborations with artists such as Dominique Fury or Ryan McGinness, with agnès b. clothing becomes the medium for a work of art.

Gilbert & George tunic and black skirt, winter 2015.

White cotton dress with screen printed drawing by Lek, summer 2015.

agnès b. X Ryan McGinness overalls, published in Teen Vogue, May 2010.

Dominique Fury in agnès b. overalls X Dominique Fury

artist's series / agnès b. X Nathalie Gilles

agnès b. X Nathalie Gilles 


Graphic designer Nathalie Gilles collaborates regularly with agnès b., as for the summer 2008 collection with these two dresses. Her imaginative world populated with childlike drawings combines with references as diverse as art house film, music and the comic strip.


Two-tone dresses with screen printed drawings by Nathalie Gilles, summer 2008.

artist's series / agnès b. X Ryan McGinness

agnès b. X Ryan McGinness


American artist Ryan McGinness decided to apply these very colourful works to agnès b. items. A shirt, a dress or overalls served as a canvas for the artist.

Following a request from Another Magazine, in 2007 he produced acrylic paintings on two white cotton slash neck dresses. He repeated the process in 2010 on a brand classic, overalls.

artist's series / agnès b. X Jim Shaw

agnès b. X Jim Shaw


For the men's summer 2010 collection, the work of American artist Jim Shaw was applied to trousers and a waxed cotton parka. He was also involved in the artist's tee-shirt range and exhibited in the project room of the galerie du jour in 2011.

artist's series / graff


All of the agnès b. collections include a few garments that pay tribute to street art.

To present her summer 2008 collection, agnès b. invited her graffiti artist friends to produce a huge canvas at the end of the show.

Pinafore dress, summer 2007.

Spirit top and black slim-cut trousers, summer 2012.

artist's series / artist's t-shirts

“It's a work of art and at the same time you live with it, sleep with it, it wears out and you love it all the more, you lose it, someone else finds it, it is passed round. Even if it is not a very valuable object in itself, you become attached to it because it bears a particular significance. It is a formidable medium for a work, ideas, a gag… to affirm oneself, too.”

In 1994, on the advice of Cuban artist Felix Gonzales Torrès, agnès b. created a plain white t-shirt with the words “Nobody owns me”, it was a huge success. Since then, many artists have illustrated these collector t-shirts.

Dennis Hopper for agnès b.

artist's series / artist's t-shirts




The t-shirts are signed by painters and photographers but also by graffiti artists, poets, clubs and musicians.

For a long time, graffiti has occupied a special place in this line. Futura, Mambo and Jonone were among the first to sign models,

Followed by Ash, Skki, O' clock and Aone. The t-shirts may also carry texts, like the song of Mathieu and Andrée Chédid, “Je dis M.”, or emerge on the occasion of a specific event that agnès b. wants to salute.

T-shirt created by Wong Kar Wai for the release of In the Mood for Love, with the profits handed over to the Hong Kong Film Archive in 2000, The Big Shave, a t-shirt tribute to one of Martin Scorsese's first feature films or a t-shirt created by Stephan Hessel and Pascal Lemaître for the publication of his book-manifasto “Indignez-vous” in 2011.

On this page : Blast, Skki, Albert Robida, Bazooka, Berisha, Claude Lévêque, Dash Snow, Dennis Hopper, Douglas Gordon, Emmanuel Bovet, Harmony Korine, Jaya, Jean-François Sanz, Mike Lash, O'Clock, Roman Cieslewicz, Ruppert et Mulot, Stéphane Hessel et Watanabe.


artist's series / galerie du jour



“I wanted to create a gallery to be able to display what I like. It's called a gallery but it could be called a place to show behind and beside the scenes, to show painting, sculpture, photographs and, each time, at the same time, to try to invent new ways of disseminating the images, to make them accessible to all: drafts, stencils, screen prints, engravings, etc. You will also find exhibitions there put on by the galerie. The place is still rough, still a bit like a butcher's shop.

I hope that it will become a vibrant place people will want to come back to, and hang around.”

(agnès b., 1984)

Open since 1984, the galerie du jour is a contemporary art gallery which has shown the works of lots of artists.


artist's series / galerie du jour


In 1996, the gallery moved to rue Quincampoix, right next to Beaubourg.

artist's series / point d'ironie

… should we talk about art ??

The point d'ironie originates from a talk between agnès b., Christian Boltanski and Hans Ulrich Obrist in 1997. Six to eight issues are published each year. each of items is made by an artist who makes it his own and brings it up to a singular work of art. By means of its gratuitousness as well as of its size and circulation, the point d'ironie is an atypical periodical which is distributed in a scattered way already issued (one hundred thousand copies are spread out over the world in museums, galleries, bookshops, schools, movie theatres, shops, etc.) Made up by the French writer Alcanter de Brahm at the end of the XIXth century, the point d'ironie is a punctuation mark used at the end of sentences (as an exclamation or a question mark) to point ironic passages in a text.


artist's series / long live music!


Patti Smith, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, M. Placebo, The Do… are some of the musicians agnès b. has designed clothes for.

agnès b. genuine passion for music turns into number of collaborations. 

For instance she takes part in co-production of albums such as James Chance with his album called "The Fix is" released in 2010 or Zombie Zombie.

agnès b. becomes also repeatedly associated with the Rough Trade label : in 2011 with the first "records share days" in France or in 2014 with the release of Koudlam's new single.

In 2007, agnès b. is asked to make a compilation for Ze Records catalog. In that same year, she organises the b. music festival with Patti Smith and Placebo among other people in the Olympia in Paris.

For Kim Fowley last concert tour in 2012, agnès b. imagines a limited edition of photo print.

For her women's winter 2015 collection, she invited the two singers from the Franco-Cuban group Ibeyi to open the show at the Palais de Tokyo.

artist's series / I love the cinema


I love the cinema !

"Christian Bourgois made me discover Cinema when I was 17. A few years ago, my friends Gaspard Noé and Claire Denis asked me to help them “finish” their movies : Seul contre tous and Trouble every day.

Then I created Love Streams productions, as a tribute to John Cassavetes, then the company O’Salvation, in the US, with Harmony Korine."

As a big fan of Jean-Luc Godard among others, Agnes b. counts among her faithful friends directors like Jim Jarmusch, John Waters or David Lynch (©Nicolas Guérin / Contour by Getty Images) and Larry Clark, who had exhibitions at agnès b’s galerie du jour.



artist's series / I love the cinema


If agnès b.’s clothes are often chosen by wardrobe masters for movies like Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, William Klein’s Who are you Polly Maggoo ? (1966) is the only feature film agnès b. especially designed the famous stripped t-shirts.

agnès b. is a great support to many cultural institutions like the French Cinemathèque in Paris, The Anthology Film Archives in New York or the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes.

Since 2008, agnès b. and the DVD editor Potemkine partnered to create a collection of strong and original movies from all backgrounds, usually acclaimed by the specialized papers and by the public. The agnès b. Potemkine collections represents more than a hundred titles today.

artist's series / my name is hmmm

my name is Hmmmm...

"I wrote MY NAME IS HMMM… in one go, some ten years back, on an impulse, at the same time as I was carrying on with fashion design, and was waiting for the moment to achieve my “real things.” But let me explain what led me to “be in films.” It was Christian Bourgois who introduced me to the cinema. Later, I accidentally got hold of an old Nikon and I replaced drawing with photography. I like to catch and observe what is obvious to me, and also what others show, their gestures, habits and attitudes through interesting angles. I like rear, three-quarter, and side shots. Since the early 2000s, I have had a video camera and I shoot two- to three-minute films in which I feature my clothes in short fictions… on a very tight schedule, shooting by day, editing by night, in the four or five days before the collection is shown to the public."