snap cardigan / origin


The sweatshirt agnès b. is wearing in this photograph by Jean-François Jonvelle is the item that gave birth to the snap cardigan.

“A long time ago, I designed a cardigan for myself. I wanted a sweatshirt that opened at the front, with lots of press-studs to make it resemble an 18th century garment, an item of children’s clothing for adults or vice versa." agnès b.

snap cardigan / it in their own way


“What I love about a piece of clothing is that everyone can use it in their own way.”


The press loves it and it still appears in magazines. Shown here in the 4 May 1987 edition of Elle in black flannel, worn with the stud fasteners in the back, the cardigan has been spanning the generations for almost 40 years.

snap cardigan / Picasso could have worn it


“It has crossed my mind that Picasso could have worn it, or Chanel or Brigitte Bardot, or even Mozart.”

During an interview broadcast on the TV channel Paris Première in 1987, agnès b. discusses her sources of inspiration and confides on her vision of the style.

snap cardigan / seen by


Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Dominique Issermann, Steven Silverstein, Jeanloup Sieff, William Klein, Sophie Calle, Steve Hiett and Gilles Bensimon are some of the 64 photographers exhibited in the galerie du jour in 1986.

“It occurred to me that no-one ever gave photographers the same subject and that everyone could have a different vision of this garment. They agreed enthusiastically and the result is very beautiful. I thank them with all my heart.”


snap cardigan / photographers


Photographers and the snap cardigan

snap cardigan / emblematic




These photographs were put on display again ten years later, in 1996, at the Pompidou Centre.

“Recognition” according to Elle magazine, for the garment which became a museum piece. Paris Match waxed lyrical and spoke of a “cult object”, “an emblems of Parisian chic” which “is brilliant in its simplicity”.

snap cardigan / Little imaginary tales about clothes


There are many versions of the cardigan, as illustrated by these sketches and this video produced by agnès b. for her summer 2005 collection,

 “Little imaginary tales about clothes”.

snap cardigan / evolutions


It has never stopped changing.

In long cardigan or bolero version, in black leather, with studs around the neckline, in a long dress version …


snap cardigan / for men


but what a tale … !


Stand-up collar or simple neckline …

snap cardigan / I love


I love

people :



and children !!


agnès (b.)

snap cardigan / child

swap cardigan / in praise of simplicity



“in praise of SIMPLICITY”

“This garment, which is constantly metamorphosing, has become an emblem of the firm.”

For the winter 2015 woman collection, agnès b. proposes a “new, tailored snap cardigan, laced in the back, the 2015”.