I love colors / I love all colors

I love all colors

“People say I only like black and white, but I also love vibrant colors. My 2009 collection, for instance, is in Technicolor, with flashy shades, and a very pop art feel.”

Long, sleeveless dress in silk muslin, spirographic print, summer 2009.

I love colors / yellow


Trenchcoat and yellow corsage, green trousers, summer 2005.

Neon yellow petticoat, published in High Fashion, June 2000.

agnès b., looks, published in Olive, June 1999.

Short trenchcoat in mustard cloth, winter 2012.

Zipped wind-cheater and Bermuda shorts in golden yellow suede leather, mottled golden yellow cotton cardigan, summer 2012.

Yellow hosepipe photographed by agnès b. in 2005.

Yellow cotton jacket and shirt, summer 2005.

I love colors / pink


"Hoëdic", © agnès b., 2011

I love colors / pink



Fuchsia three-piece suit, winter 2006.

Pink and red two-tone wool crepe dress, winter 2007.

Long dress and cape in pink and red tulle, winter 2003.

Pink wool dress, winter 1994.

Trousers, sweatshirt and zipper jacket with pink terry hood, winter 2003.

I love colors / green


Photograph taken by agnès b. in 2014.

I love colors / green, nature


“Seringa”, photo t-shirt, summer 2012.

“Broom”, photo dress, summer 2012.

“Gora”, photo skirt, summer 2012.

“Tree day/night”, photo dress, winter 2015.


I love colors / red


red !

Spring summer 2011 show as part of the 3 + 1 exhibition, Ryan McGinley, Harmony Korine, Dash Snow and agnès b., together at the Galerie du jour in October 2010.

Black cotton tank top and flared skirt in red and white geo print cotton, summer 2011.

I love colors / red


Veronica Webb poses for agnès b. with a long, red woollen coat, winter 1984.

Excerpts from “Interlude”, the film of the winter 2003 collection.

Red suit, summer 2005.

Red polo shirt, published in "19", September 1999.

Red dress, published in Marie-Claire, 1997.


I love colors / blue


Photograph taken by agnès b. in 2007.

I love colors / blue


Veronica Webb poses for agnès b. wearing a mauve coat, winter 1984.

Sequined shorts and bra, published in 20 ans, 1991.

Short dress in metallic blue leather, published in Dépêche Mode, June 1996.

Shirt and shorts, published in Elle magazine, May 28, 1990.

I love colors / we love colors


Yellow dress and orange jacket for her, pink suit for him, summer 2005. “Venice” photographed by agnès b. in 2010.

Orange and green trench coats, shirts with pink and blue prints, summer 2005.

Raw silk brassiere and trousers, summer 1998.

Excerpts from the film of the summer 1998 collection, produced by Jacques Scandelari.

Orange and grey two-tone wool crepe dress, winter 2007.

Turquoise mohair bubble dress, winter 2007.