prints ! / Bruce Weber


agnès b. series


BY Bruce Weber


prints ! / hearts



A collection of heart-shaped pebbles, a house called “the flying heart”, a heart gifted to Sarajevo during the siege of the town… often presented as a “kind-hearted woman” in the media, agnès b. likes to use this motif, sometimes as an all-over print, and chose it as the emblem for her range of baby clothes called ‘le petit b. b’.

“heart” by agnès b., 2003.


prints ! / polkadots


The polkadot print has been a regular feature of the d’agnès b. collections from the start. Elegant in dotted lines, arty in an outsize version or retro on a scarf tied in her hair, the stylist often combines the polkadots with red, white and a lot of black.

Red dress with white polkadots, published in Elle magazine in 1988.

prints ! / I’ve always loved …polkadots!



I’ve always loved

…. polkadots !

Long dress with shirt collar and short sleeves, in black cotton with white polkadots, summer 1988, photographed by agnès b.

Black cotton with white polkadots, published in 20 ans in 1987.

Skirt and underwear in black cotton with white polkadots, published in the press.

Short dress  with  puff  sleeves  in  black  cotton  with  white  polkadots,  summer  1988, photographed by agnès b.

Dress in white muslin with red polkadots, summer 1993, photographed by agnès b.

Shirt dress in black with white polkadots, published in 20 ans, May 1990.

prints ! / stripes



like a film in black and white


In 1977 the famous striped t-shirt appears and quickly becomes one of the signatures of the agnes b. style. In 1966, the designer created a striped t-shirt for the film Who are you, Polly Maggoo ? by William Klein, and produced variations of it for the market some 11 years later.

Manufactured in the cotton which was used to make Rugby shirts, it comes in 4 versions: long sleeves, short sleeves, fine stripes - “12/12” - and broad stripes - “60/60” -.

“Laurence” by agnès b., summer 1995.

prints ! / stripes forever


Press publications of the black and white striped T-shirt, in the '90s and 2000s.


prints ! / I have always loved


I have always loved taking photographs of children

prints ! / checks



the swinging Sixties



agnès b. likes to pair the flagship print from the sixties with light clothing : a short skirt, a corsage, a small shirt tied at the waist, a corset…

A wardrobe for a relaxed Lolita reminiscent of Vadim's Brigitte Bardot, an actress the designer would really love to have dressed.

Silhouettes of the summer 2004 collection photographed by agnès b.


prints ! / flowers


“nature nourishes me”


Another source of inspiration for agnès b. : nature, landscapes and especially flowers. A fixed component of the brand, the floral print is omnipresent and is included in the ranges for women, men and children.

Photograph taken by agnès b. in 2006.

prints ! / flowers, summer 2000


For summer 2000, agnès b. produced a series of dresses in floral printed muslin.

prints ! / etc ...



agnès b. makes use of an infinite pallet of prints. The most iconic - hearts, stripes, polkadots, flowers and gingham - are joined by leopard and paisley.


This evening gown in paisley printed muslin worn by American top model Veronica Webb is one of the flagship pieces of the winter 1984 collection, immortalized in New York by agnès b.