Versailles / I adore the XVIIIe century


I adore the French 18th century


“In Versailles, where I grew up, there was the beauty of straight lines and the baroque at the same time, wild nature, nature controlled … that marked me.”


From a family that had lived in Versailles for generations, agnès b. “was madly in love with Louis XIV” and “knew every nook and cranny of the grounds”. Versailles and the 18th century are endless sources of inspiration for the stylist.


Photograph by agnès b. in her house in Louveciennes, in 2008.

Versailles / barricades


Photograph taken in André Citroën park by agnès b. for her women’s summer 1984 collection.

Versailles / sketches


the influence of Versailles

sketches by agnès b.

Versailles / fifer jacket


Kirsten Owen photographed by agnès b. for her summer 1994 collection.

Versailles / statues


Long-sleeved, long dress with pinched waist in ecru cheesecloth,

Photograph taken at the Paris Art School by agnès b. for her women’s summer 2010 collection.

Statue photographed in Versailles by agnès b. in 2013.

Versailles / wisdom and folly


ideal young Versaillaise


“Wisdom and folly. I was enormously influenced by all of that. I love the liberty of 18th century art.”


Long dresses, capes, tricorns, corsages, knee breeches and riding coats are so many garments that pay homage to a period that was so dear to the stylist.

Long dress with side slit in muscat-coloured plush velvet with frilled collar and embroidered ecru band, winter 2013.


Versailles / summer 2003 collection


Series of photographs taken in Versailles by agnès b. in 2013.

Film by agnès b. for her summer 2003 women’s and men’s collection.

Versailles / summer 2007 show


 show at the Olympia for the women’s summer 2007 collection.

Versailles / french style


.. a very "French" style wardrobe

and the “Trianon grey”

Anthracite wool and silk suit, black cotton poplin corsage blouse with white collar and cuffs, black Japanese silk pussybow, winter 2009.

Light grey fine-striped dress in cotton and linen, summer 2011.


Versailles / Palais Royal


We had a great time

Monday evening at the Palais Royal

agnès b. winter 11/12


Series of photographs by agnès b. at Palais Royal, for her winter 2011 collection.


Versailles / spring-summer 2015 show


agnès b.  spring summer 2015